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YouTube launches ‘Creator Music,’ for users to monetize licensed music

YouTube, has launched Creator Music, a new and simple way for creators in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) in the United States to access an ever-growing catalogue of music for use in their videos while still to monetise.

“We’re excited to start rolling this out to monetising creators in the US over the coming weeks and continuing to explore expansion to more countries in 2023 — subscribe to this post & we’ll keep you updated on our rollout plans,” according to the YouTube Help page.

In September of last year, the company launched “Creator Music,” which provides YouTube creators with simple access to an ever-expanding catalogue of music for use in long-form videos.

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With this, creators who don’t want to pay for a license up front will be allowed to use music and split profits with the artist and other rights holders who are involved in the song.

Amjad Hanif, vice president of creator products at YouTube, said in a statement that “Creators can now buy affordable, high-quality music licenses that offer them full monetising potential — they will keep the same revenue share they’d usually make on videos without any music.”

Google revealed last month that it has changed the YPP agreements to incorporate new modules including the “Shorts Monetisation Module,” which enables creators to start earning money from ads on Shorts on the video-sharing site starting February 1.

News source: IANS, Roundnews24

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