randonlyStreamingYouTube Music on the web now has mood filters

YouTube Music on the web now has mood filters

YouTube Music, now has mood filters, i.e. a “activity bar” with different moods, to customize what appears in the web’s Home feed.

It is left-aligned (as on tablets) and appears below the app bar on the web version, which can be used to move between Home, Explore, Library, and Search, as per 9to5Google.

Instead of rectangles with rounded corners, pills-shaped buttons are employed for a less Material appearance.

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YouTube Music updates with a feed of songs, albums, and playlists that fit the mood when one of the options—Energize, Workout, Relax, Commute, and Focus—is selected.

The top backdrop image is also updated by the music streaming service.

Users will have to click the mood they pick again in order to return to the main stream, said the report.

Live lyrics, along with a modified Casting user interface (UI), are reportedly being tested by YouTube Music. The new feature is already available to some users.

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A Reddit user noticed a new UI while casting YouTube Music from an Android phone to a Chromecast Ultra. Instead of album artwork, song name, and artist being centered on the screen, they were on the right with left-aligned text.

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