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Starlink provides global roaming satellite internet for $200 per month

Starlink is testing a new global roaming satellite internet service for $200 per month, in addition to the $599 Starlink Kit.

The globalizing roaming internet service will use Starlink’s inter-satellite connections (space lasers) to deliver access throughout the globe.

“You are invited to try Starlink Global Roaming service, which allows your Starlink to connect from practically anywhere on land in the world,” the company stated in a message to its users.

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As a result that this is a new technology, the company warned that you shouldn’t count on not only the usual high speed, low latency service from Starlink, but also for a few brief periods of poor connectivity or none at all.

“However this will improve dramatically over time,” said the company that comes under SpaceX.

However, it is unclear how Starlink would offer roaming internet in every country, including Africa, as several of them have not yet given their approval.

The company claims that, if users are not completely satisfied with global roaming, they can return the gear for a full refund within 30 days.

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“Service can be paused or cancelled at any time,” said the company.

Payment for global roaming is currently only available in US dollars.

“If you are based outside of the U.S., you will also be responsible for acting as the Importer of Record for the Starlink Kit, which may include the payment of customs duties and import taxes, if required,” said the company.

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News source: Siasat

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