randonlyAIOpera's browser now features ChatGPT and AI summarizing features

Opera’s browser now features ChatGPT and AI summarizing features

Opera announced on Wednesday that it is enhancing its desktop browsers Opera and Opera GX with AI-powered features, including AI Prompts and sidebar access to ChatGPT and ChatSonic, to improve users’ browsing experiences.

According to the company, these new tools are currently in early access across all desktop platforms.

AI Prompts, a native feature of the Opera Browser, will assist users in shortening or explaining long, confusing text, whether it’s a paragraph, an entire article, or even a website.

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“Accessible when you highlight text or directly from the address bar, AI Prompts is your new, go-to tool to interpret, to summarise, and to explore the web, offering you an experience that’s tailored to your interests and needs,” Opera said in a blogpost.

Aside from the new AI Prompts functionality, users may now access the web versions of ChatGPT and ChatSonic directly from the Opera browser’s sidebar.

As stated by the company, these two new tools will help users generate ideas, summaries, translations, and itineraries, as well as write code, learn music, get math help, draft text, and more.

“ChatSonic is additionally so clever that it can create images for you. Altogether, the new AIGC tools offer a portal to a more personal and intelligent web – one that provides solutions to your specific needs,” the browser maker mentioned.

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Furthermore, the company indicated that it plans to provide more AI-driven services in the future, powered by its own GPT-based model.

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