Microsoft Teams introducing collaborative notes in meetings

To satisfy the expectations of online communication and collaboration in working environments, Microsoft Teams is constantly improving its features. Collaborative meeting notes are the newest innovation, designed to increase productivity and convenience in meetings.

Collaborative notes enable Microsoft Teams Public Preview users to share and collaborate on meeting notes in a single location. This eliminates the need for separate note-taking apps or the use of the chat function. The goal is to make meeting procedures more efficient for all participants.

Users can make agendas, take notes, and assign tasks using collaborative notes. For improved tracking, the tasks assigned via these notes will immediately synchronize with the Tasks app in Teams, To Do, and Planner. Additionally, users can work together directly in chat conversations using Microsoft Loop components within Teams, ensuring that notes are synced between all platforms.

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Simply schedule a meeting on Teams and add a repeating agenda by selecting the “Add an agenda everyone can edit” option to use collaborative meeting notes. Once in a Teams meeting, click the Notes button in the toolbar to access the group notes.

You can review or create an agenda, make notes, and keep track of activities in the notes window. Notes can also sync with OneNote, and assigned tasks will be synchronized with a variety of task management apps.

However, there are a few known concerns because the feature is still under public preview. In meetings with more than 100 participants or when attendees are a part of 300 meetings with tasks, external and guest users may not have access to the meeting notes, and mistakes may arise. Access must be granted through the Share and alert dialog before someone can be tagged in notes.

There are a few limitations to consider. Meeting notes are not available for 1:1 calls, channel meetings, or the “Meet Now” option. The mobile app does not presently support meeting notes, however this feature is scheduled to be added in August 2023. Furthermore, meeting owners who use on-premise Exchange servers must first send the meeting invitation and then add collaborative notes.

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Source: XDA, o365reports

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