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Microsoft’s Teams Rooms on Windows to get a new look

Microsoft, has announced that by the end of this quarter, Teams Rooms on Windows consoles and front-of-room displays will have a new appearance.

“We’re aligning key elements of the user interface across the Windows and Android ecosystems to make Teams Rooms even easier to use,” the tech giant said in a blog post.

Users will first notice the “vivid new ambient screens” and a redesigned calendar on consoles and front-of-room displays with the next update.

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Furthermore, improved visual cues throughout the experience will make interacting with the console easier and more intuitive.

Users will be able to scroll down the calendar to see the complete day’s schedule.

The update will also add enhanced buttons to the console that will enable users to rapidly access the most utilized services, such as a button for “Meet” to start a new meeting from the room, a button for “Call” to call a number or add a contact from the directory, and much more.

“For enhanced customisation, your organisation will have a wider range of ambient screens to choose from than before, with five exciting new themes added to the eight themes currently available,” the company claimed.

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The meeting chat will be visible, and users will be able to select which meeting component is displayed on the left and right panel, according to the statement.

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