randonlyAIGoogle unveils AI features in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and others

Google unveils AI features in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and others

Google has unveiled new generative AI tools for Google Docs, Gmail, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and Chat.

Users will be able to draft, respond, summarize, and prioritize their Gmail messages using the new AI features.

They will be able to brainstorm, proofread, write, and revise in Docs, and bring their creative vision to life in Slides with auto-generated graphics, audio, and video.

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Furthermore, users in Sheets will be able to transition from raw data to insights and analysis through auto-completion, formula generation, and contextual categorization, whilst in Meet, they will be able to build new backdrops and take notes.

The new AI features in Chat will provide workflows for users to complete tasks.

“We’ll launch these new experiences this month via our trusted tester programme, starting with English in the US. From there, we’ll iterate and refine the experiences before making them available more broadly to consumers, small businesses, enterprises, and educational institutions in more countries and languages,” Google said in a blogpost.

Meanwhile, Google is said to be developing a new “Search Companion” feature for its Chrome web browser.

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The Search Companion will be a useful new way to search the web using Lens.

The tech giant hopes to strengthen the relationship between Lens and Chrome with the new feature.

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