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Users will soon be able to easily remove Chrome’s autofill history from their desktop

Google is rolling out a new feature on its experimental desktop browser ‘Chrome Canary’ that allows users to remove autofill history with the click of a button.

According to Android Police, this feature was revealed by browser expert Leopeva64.

Once enabled, users can quickly select the trash can icon that appears next to all items in the autofill popup that they want to delete.

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The feature is currently only available on the Chrome Canary channel in Chrome versions 113.0.5626.0 and higher.

Normally, users must open Chrome’s settings menu and remove items from the Autofill submenu to delete autofill suggestions, but this only works for saved passwords, credit cards, and addresses, per the report.

Meanwhile, it was reported last month that Google was working on a new Chrome shortcut that would allow users to close tabs more quickly.

The new shortcut will most likely be a mouse input, allowing users to close the active tab with a double-click action.

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