Captions can now be added to meeting recordings in Google Meet

Google, is introducing a new feature to its video-communication platform, Google Meet, that will let users add captions to a meeting recording.

The tech giant claimed in a Workspace Updates blog post that the new feature will make meeting recordings more useful and accessible to meeting participants.

The admin must enable the feature before a user can record a meeting. The user also has to be the meeting host and a member of the host’s organization.

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However, if host management is enabled, users must be meeting co-hosts to access the new feature.

Furthermore, if the user is not from the meeting hosts’ organization, they must be promoted to co-host in order to use the feature, according to the company.

Meanwhile, the tech giant revealed last month that it is bringing a new feature to ‘Google Meet,’ allowing users to share access to the content they are presenting in a meeting with participants, including everyone on the Calendar guest list.

The functionality is useful since it allows users to easily share provided content without having to navigate to another window to grant access.

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