randonlyAIGoogle is testing a chatbot 'Apprentice Bard', similar to ChatGPT

Google is testing a chatbot ‘Apprentice Bard’, similar to ChatGPT

Similar to ChatGPT, Google is testing LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) technology, report says.

According to sources cited by CNBC, the tech giant is testing a chatbot called “Apprentice Bard” as part of new AI-powered chat products, where employees can ask questions and receive detailed answers similar to ChatGPT. There is also a new search desktop design that may be used in a question-and-answer format.

The testing comes after an all-hands meeting where staff members raised concerns about the company’s AI competitive edge in light of the recent success of ChatGPT, an AI made by OpenAI, a startup financed by Microsoft.

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Additionally, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is developing a project named Atlas under its cloud division as a “code red” response to ChatGPT, the large-language chatbot that caught the public off guard.

It also claimed that Apprentice Bard, which mimics ChatGPT, has a feature that allows answers to include recent occurrences, which ChatGPT does not yet have.

One internal memo seen by CNBC claimed that “As a result of ChatGPT, the LaMDA team has been directed to prioritise working on a response to ChatGPT.”

The email stated, “In the short term, it takes precedence over other projects.”

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Apprentice Bard replaced “Meena,” a previous iteration of a smart chatbot that had been introduced internally but was subsequently canceled, says the report.

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