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Zuckerberg puts Meta’s middle managers on notice

Mark Zuckerberg, the Meta’s founder and CEO, is allegedly giving middle managers at the company notice after laying off 11,000 workers in November of last year.

Zuckerberg cautioned managers in a recent all-hands meeting, according to Alex Heath’s newsletter Command Line from The Verge.

The Meta CEO reportedly said to them, “I don’t think you want a management structure that’s just managers managing managers, managing managers, managing managers, managing the people who are doing the work.”

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The statement seems to suggest that the company, which will release its quarterly results this week, could terminate more of its workers.

Meta; Chris Cox, the chief product officer, has also discussed the need to “flatten” the organizational structure.

In November, according to report on roundnews24, Zuckerberg terminated Facebook than 11,000 employees, or almost 13% of the global workforce, in one of the biggest layoffs in tech history and extended the hiring freeze through Q1 2023.

Over 87,000 people are employed by the parent company of Facebook and Instagram (as of September 2022).

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Zuckerberg announced in a statement that the company will take additional measures to become leaner and more effective, including reducing discretionary spending and extending its hiring freeze through Q1.

He attributed the decision to the macroeconomic slump, increasing competition, and loss of advertisements signal, claiming that these factors contributed to “revenue to be much lower than I’d expected”.

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