Zoom Brings Video Conferencing to Google TV on Bravia TVs

Google TV and Android TV users will soon have access to Zoom through a dedicated app available on the Google Play Store. However, this app will be exclusive to Sony Bravia TV sets, as announced by Sony in a press release.

“We are excited to partner with Zoom to bring video conferencing to our BRAVIA TVs, making Zoom services available on the Android TV platform.”

To enhance the Zoom experience on Bravia TVs, Sony offers the Bravia Cam accessory, which enables smart webcam functionality. With the Bravia Cam, users can engage in two-way video communication, share their screens, and utilize collaboration tools within the app.

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This ensures that the overall experience closely resembles a typical Zoom call on a desktop or mobile device. Moreover, the smart features of the Bravia Cam will further enhance the experience by automatically adjusting sound and picture settings based on the viewer’s position and distance from the TV.

The Zoom app will initially only be accessible on specific Bravia TVs that work with the Bravia Cam. Users will be able to download the app directly from the Google Play Store when it launches in the early summer.

Although there is currently no information on Zoom expanding to other TV brands, the fact that there is an Android TV app available suggests that the entrance hurdle is lower for gadgets like the most recent Chromecast and Nvidia Shield TV. The fact that Sony claims to be “the first TV brand to support the Zoom for TV app on Google Play Store” may give consumers some hope for future availability, but this is not a given. Users can attach a USB webcam to Google Meet in the meantime to make video calls on practically any Android TV or Google TV.

Source: androidpolice, 9to5google

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