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YouTube to share ad revenue with Shorts creators on February 1st

Google has announced that it has revised the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) rules to include new modules such as the ‘Shorts Monetisation Module,’ which allows creators to begin earning ad income on Shorts on the video-sharing site beginning February 1.

The tech giant said in a support website that the new modules provide content creators greater flexibility in the ways they may profit from their work.

“After signing the Base Terms, which are the foundational contract terms for all creators wishing to monetise on the platform, creators can pick and choose from contract Modules to unlock earning opportunities.”

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The “Watch Page Monetization Module,” “Shorts Monetization Module,” and “Commerce Product Addendum” are among the new modules.

To earn ad and YouTube Premium revenue on long-form or live-streaming videos seen on the Watch Page, users must accept the Watch Page Monetisation Module.

“The Shorts Monetisation Module allows your channel to share revenue from ads viewed between videos in the Shorts Feed,” explains the company.

If users have already accepted the ‘Commerce Product Addendum,’ which enables a number of Fan Funding features, they will not be required to do so again.

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Because “accepting the Base Terms is required to join or remain in YPP,” all users must review and understand the new YPP terms.

“To remain in the YouTube Partner Program and continue monetising on YouTube, all monetizing partners will have until July 10, 2023, to review and accept new terms,” Google added.

Users’ channels will be withdrawn from the YPP and their monetisation agreement will be cancelled if they do not accept the Base Terms by that date.

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Source: roundnews24

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