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YouTube tests hub of free, ad-supported channels

Video-sharing platform YouTube is testing a new hub of free, ad-supported streaming channels that will show content from certain media companies, the media reported.

The video platform is in discussions with entertainment companies about incorporating their shows and movies into the hub of cable-like channels, and it is testing the concept with a small number of media partners, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

“We’re always looking for new ways to provide viewers a central destination to more easily find, watch and share the content that matters most to them,” a spokeswoman was quoted as saying.

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The report also mentioned that the company could launch the service more broadly later this year.

YouTube already has ad-supported movies, but this hub could provide users with a larger selection of free movies and shows to watch.

Moreover, the feature may assist the company in competing with other free or low-cost streaming services.

Meanwhile, Google announced that it has restructured the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) terms to include new modules such as ‘Shorts Monetisation Module’, which allows creators to start making ad revenue on Shorts starting February 1 on the video-sharing platform.

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The new modules provide creators more flexibility in the ways they can earn from their content, the tech giant said in a support page.

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