randonlyStreamingYouTube Music gives update on the 'Listening Room' program

YouTube Music gives update on the ‘Listening Room’ program

YouTube Music, has offered an update on its ‘Listening Room’ program, which opened and then quickly closed applications in January.

As per 9To5Google, Listening Room gives users early access to new YouTube Music concepts and features as well as the chance to give feedback via a Discord group.

Upon the launch of the applications, the company stopped accepting submissions after almost 24 hours “due to an overwhelming response”.

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However, the platform has now sent an email to those who applied but were not accepted.

“We received an unexpected, huge volume of applications, and unfortunately, we’re only able to support a small number of people in this group,” the company wrote in the email.

“We won’t be able to invite you into the YouTube Music Listening Room this round. If we are able to expand this program in the future, we will reach out to let you know about the opportunity,” it added.

To be selected for the program, users must be music fans, use YouTube Music as their primary music streaming service for a year, provide regular feedback on Discord via conversations and polls, and agree not to share any information, such as screenshots, pictures, or recordings of conversations or early features, with anyone outside of the Discord group.

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