Windows 11 will soon have native RAR file support

Microsoft recently announced that native support for RAR files would soon be included to Windows 11.

The development is crucial because it eliminates the need for users to rely on third-party software like WinRAR to manage RAR files. Other common file compression formats such as ZIP, 7-Zip, tar, and gz will also be supported by the new operating system.

RAR files have long been popular due to their effective file compression features, which make them perfect for transferring huge data and generating backups.

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However, Windows has lacked built-in support for this format until recently, needing the installation of extra applications. Users will be able to open and extract RAR files without the need for any additional programs or applications with the future native RAR support in Windows 11.

This simpler methods will make file sharing and data backup easier, as well as free up crucial storage space on customers’ devices.

The addition of native RAR functionality in Windows 11 might have an impact on third-party file compression tools, notably WinRAR. Because users may now manipulate RAR files directly within the operating system, the need for separate software such as WinRAR may be reduced.

However, some users may prefer the advanced functions provided by third-party applications, particularly for more extensive file management needs.

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Although the exact release date for RAR support in Windows 11 has not been made public, continuing testing indicates that this feature will be made available soon. Once enabled, Windows 11 users will be able to access, extract, and compress RAR-formatted files directly within the operating system.

This long-awaited update to Windows 11 tackles a long-standing annoyance, since users need to download separate file compression apps like WinRAR or 7-Zip to handle RAR files. With the planned native support, Windows 11 users will no longer need to install separate applications to manage RAR files, optimizing their entire experience. While waiting for the official upgrade, users may continue to manage RAR files with existing third-party apps such as WinRAR.

Microsoft has also collaborated with Intel and Samsung to provide Bluetooth LE Audio in the future Windows 11 release. Additionally, Windows 11 will have live captions in ten additional languages, bigger widget pages, autopatch updates, and IT-specific communications features. AI is also being used by the firm to provide AI-generated summaries on the Microsoft Store.

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