randonlyNewsVerily, Alphabet's subsidiary, to lay off 15% of its workforce

Verily, Alphabet’s subsidiary, to lay off 15% of its workforce

Verily, the health-focused firm owned by Alphabet, has announced that it would lay off 15% of its workers in a reorganization move as it aspires for financial independence from its parent company.

According to CNBC, the layoffs will affect around 240 employees.

Verily is a Google subsidiary that operates under Alphabet’s “Other Bets” ranking.

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In an email, Verily CEO Stephen Gillett reportedly said that the cuts reflect discontinued programmes and team “redundancy”, according to the report.

It says it will give severance and outplacement assistance “in the coming weeks and months,” but did not provide details yet.

“While communicating via email is not ideal, this was a deliberate decision, enabling us to communicate as efficiently and simultaneously as possible. We’re also taking today and the rest of the week to ensure each impacted Veep has a personal discussion with a leader and HR partner to discuss the details, answer questions, and provide support through the transition,” reads the note.

Those who are still employed, according to the memo, will receive an email with the subject “Your Role at Verily,” while those who work outside the US will hear from their business leaders, per the report.

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