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Twitter to remove ‘Legacy’ Verified Badges in April

Twitter revealed on Thursday that starting on April 1st, it will start removing its blue legacy verified checkmarks.Yeah, on April Fools’ Day.

The social media company said that it will begin “winding down” its legacy verified program and discontinue the free blue checkmarks it formerly distributed prior to Elon Musk’s Twitter leadership.

The tweet also pointed users to a membership website for the Blue program, which costs $84 yearly or $8 monthly ($96 billed annually) if they want to maintain their blue checkmarks. The message also includes a link leading to an application website where companies may sign up for verification.

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The Twitter CEO has previously stated that he intends to do away with the legacy checkmarks. He responded to a tweet in February that criticized the verification checkmark program’s first rollout. Legacy blue checks will soon be removed, he said. “Those are the ones that are truly corrupt.”

Twitter has also allowed Blue subscribers to create extended tweets of up to 4,000 characters. Blue users will also see 50% less advertisements in their home timeline.

News Source: Twitter

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