randonlyTwitterTwitter has announced an updated 'Violent Speech' policy

Twitter has announced an updated ‘Violent Speech’ policy

Twitter stated on Wednesday that it has modified its rules on “violent content and similar language,” and that it has now “officially launched” its “Violent Speech” policy.

According to the company’s @TwitterSafety account, the new policy forbids violent threats, wishes of harm, glorification of violence, and incitement of violence.

To ensure user safety and to avoid the normalization of violent actions, the company maintains a “zero tolerance policy” for violent remarks.

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“We allow expressions of violent speech when there is no clear abusive or violent context,” the company said in the policy’s page.

It also supports “certain cases of figures of speech, satire, or artistic expression where the context is expressing a viewpoint rather than instigating actionable violence or harm”.

The platform also stated that it will assess and comprehend the context of the conversation before taking any action.

In most situations, the account that breaches this policy will be “immediately and permanently” suspended, it says.

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Nevertheless, for less serious infractions, users’ accounts will be briefly locked before they may tweet again, and if they continue to violate this policy after getting a warning, their account will be permanently suspended.

“If you believe that your account was suspended in error, you can submit an appeal,” the site noted.

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