Top Chinese company employs ChatGPT-like tech to replace copywriters and designers

BlueFocus, a China-based marketing and public relations company will be replacing third-party copywriters, designers, and short-term contractors in order to fully embrace generative AI like ChatGPT, per media reports on Thursday.

According to the South China Morning Post, BlueFocus, which is ranked 11th among all PR agencies globally in 2022 and first among its Chinese competitors, has made significant investments in AI.

Microsoft owns OpenAI, the developer of the popular ChatGPT program.

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“The agency has also engaged with Chinese ChatGPT alternatives, including Baidu’s Ernie Bot, for use in virtual character building and other digital marketing work,” the report mentioned.

BlueFocus said earlier this week that it has access to ChatGPT via Microsoft’s cloud service and is investigating how AI-powered Bing search might provide “new possibilities for outbound advertisers.”

The agency has also requested access to the Tongyi Qianwen AI chatbot developed by Alibaba Group.

ChatGPT-like technology, according to Goldman Sachs economists, might replace up to one-fourth of existing jobs, particularly in office administration and legal services.

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