TikTok’s new model to detect ‘borderline’ content

TikTok is developing a new algorithm to identify “borderline” or “suggestive” material to age-restrict certain content.

“We’ve always had strict policies prohibiting nudity, sexual activity, and sexually explicit content, including content that directs to adult websites or apps,” TikTok said in a blog post.

“We’re making progress to reduce the prevalence of borderline or suggestive content recommendations overall, and are now launching the next iteration of our borderline suggestive model which we expect to improve detection of such content, therefore creating a more appropriate and comfortable experience for teen account holders,” it added.

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The company began using a new rating system earlier this year that it calls Content Levels, With intended to help them in identifying content that is considered more “mature.”

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“Our aim is to quickly identify and remove violative content from our platform and prevent borderline or suggestive content from being recommended to or searchable by teen accounts,” said the company.

TikTok joined a campaign to restrict the online sharing of intimate images without consent earlier this month.

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The social media platform collaborated with StopNCII.org (Stop Non-Consensual Intimate Image Abuse), which features a tool co-created by Meta.

TikTok, Bumble, Facebook, and Instagram will recognize and prohibit any images contained in StopNCII.org’s bank of hashes, as per Engadget.

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