Threads Beta Program Now Available for Android Users

Threads, Meta’s social networking platform, is gaining popularity, with an astounding Download  of over 10 million users within days of its launch. Android users can now get a taste of the platform’s next improvements as Threads launches its beta program, allowing users to test out new features ahead of time.

While Threads currently lacks features available on other platforms such as Twitter, such as direct messages (DMs), hashtags, and a general search engine, its simplicity has not discouraged users from adopting the network. These missing elements are scheduled to be added to the app in the future.

Noteworthy Launch and Beta Program:

In a surprising move, Threads was released simultaneously on both iOS and Android, contrary to the usual trend of iOS receiving app updates first. However, the current beta program exclusively caters to Android users, although this may change in the future.

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The beta program allows users to explore and experiment with new features ahead of their official release, as reported by 9To5Google. This presents an exciting opportunity for users who have eagerly anticipated these additions.

Joining the Beta Program:

Joining the beta program is a straightforward process. Simply visit the Threads page on the Google Play Store and scroll down until you reach the beta section, indicated by a beaker icon with shapes inside. The “Join” button at the bottom of this section will enable you to enroll in the program.

Upon tapping the button, it may take a few minutes to officially join the program. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t notice immediate changes. Once you’ve successfully joined, you’ll see an “Update” button at the top.

Keep an Eye Out for New Features:

While the specific details and release dates of upcoming features remain unknown for now, it’s essential to stay vigilant. Regularly checking for app updates will ensure you’re informed about any new additions coming to Threads.

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Source: Androidheadlines

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