The Xbox One Era Is Over, Microsoft Shifts Focus to Xbox Series X/S

Remember the expression, “Every beginning has an end, and every end has a new beginning?” This can be applied to the Xbox One, since Microsoft is turning its focus away from the console and completely toward supporting the Xbox Series X/S exclusively.

This was confirmed by Matt Booty, the Xbox Game Studio Chief, during an interview with Axios. According to Booty, no internal Xbox Game Studios teams are presently working on titles for last-gen consoles, indicating that Microsoft has moved on to the current generation.

However, Microsoft is not fully abandoning the Xbox One. The company will continue to support existing titles like Minecraft on the platform. Also, the company’s cloud streaming technology allows new first-party titles to be played on the Xbox One, assuring some level of support for the older platform.

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Additionally, Microsoft’s cloud streaming technology allows new first-party games to be playable on the Xbox One, ensuring some level of support for the older console.

The Xbox One’s lifecycle has indeed been tumultuous, with some missteps along the way. However, Microsoft made efforts to correct its course with the release of the Xbox One X and the introduction of services like Xbox Game Pass. Despite its past challenges, the Xbox One will still be remembered as part of Microsoft’s gaming history.

Source: Androidauthority

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