Telegram has announced the launch of Stories with a lifespan of up to 6 hours

Telegram, the popular messaging app, is due to release a major update in July that will include a new feature called Stories. This addition is a result of years of consistent user demand and pressure. Pavel Durov, Telegram’s CEO, had misgivings about integrating Stories at first, but has subsequently changed his mind due to the huge demand.

“The ability to save your stories to the profile page will make Telegram profiles more informative and colorful. You will not only be able to explore more content from your closest contacts, but finally discover more information about users you connect with in groups or channel comments. Speaking of channels, they will benefit from more exposure and subscribers: once we launch the ability to repost messages from channels to stories, going viral on Telegram will become a lot easier.”

Durov highlights the potential for content to go viral on Telegram with the introduction of Stories. He outlines six key features of this update: Privacy, Compact UI, Flexibility, Captions, Dual Camera Support, and Optional Ephemerality. Let’s delve into each of these aspects.

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Firstly, Privacy is a fundamental aspect of Telegram Stories. Users will have the freedom to choose their desired audience precisely. Unlike platforms such as Instagram, which only offer the options of posting stories publicly or limiting them to a Close Friends list, Telegram takes it a step further. Users will be able to select from options such as “everyone,” “only your contacts (with exceptions),” “a few selected contacts,” or “a list of Close Friends.” This high level of customization enhances the user experience.

The Compact UI is another noteworthy feature of Telegram Stories. To ensure minimal intrusion, the Stories will be placed in an expandable section at the top of the chat list. This placement allows easy access without taking up valuable space within the app.

Flexibility is a key aspect emphasized by Telegram. Users will have the ability to hide Stories from specific contacts if desired. By simply moving them to the “Hidden” list in the Contacts section, users can curate their Stories feed to their preferences.

Captions play a crucial role in providing additional context or information to accompany photo and video Stories. Users can add captions, as well as links or tags, to enhance the storytelling experience.

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Dual Camera Support is an intriguing feature that Telegram is introducing. This feature allows users to post photos and videos simultaneously taken from both the front and rear cameras of their devices. This unique capability has the potential to gain popularity as a cost-effective alternative to dedicated 360° cameras.

Finally, Optional Ephemerality provides users with the flexibility to choose the duration for which their Stories will be visible. In addition to the traditional 24-hour lifespan, users can select timeframes of 6, 12, or 48 hours. Furthermore, Telegram offers the option to permanently display Stories on the user’s profile page, with individual privacy settings for each Story.

Currently, the feature is undergoing its final testing phase and is expected to be released in early July, offering Telegram users a new and engaging way to share their stories with friends and contacts.

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