Spotify launches Pay-to-Promote Tool for Artists

Music streaming giant, Spotify, has just announced a game-changing feature called “Showcase.” This new tool allows musicians to invest in advertising their music directly to the platform’s Home feed audience.

Showcase allows artists to showcase a specific track or even an entire album as a mobile banner ad, strategically targeting listeners in 30 different markets. Crucially, these banners are clearly marked as sponsored recommendations.

Spotify expounded on Showcase in a recent blog post, describing it as a “sponsored recommendation that enables you to share your music—whether it’s a hot new release, a hidden gem from your catalog, or anything in between—with potential listeners across the Spotify ecosystem. These recommendations appear as mobile banners at the top of Spotify’s Home feed, the platform’s most frequented hub.”

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To be eligible for a Showcase campaign, artists must have garnered at least 1,000 streams within the past 28 days in one of the available target markets. Moreover, the billing country for the artist’s team must be set to the United States, as per Spotify’s stipulations.

Furthermore, Spotify has stated that Showcase will be added to the Campaigns tab for qualifying artists in the United States in the coming weeks. Spotify plans to provide additional artists worldwide access to this service over the following few months.

In addition, Spotify introduced a dynamic playlist known as the “daylist,” which is a fascinating new feature. Offering a customized musical experience, this playlist changes throughout the day in response to users’ changing moods and listening preferences.

It’s important to note that the daylist function is available to Spotify customers in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland who are both free and premium subscribers, improving their entire platform experience.

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