randonlyGamingSony focused on the PS6 rather than the PS5 Pro or Slim

Sony focused on the PS6 rather than the PS5 Pro or Slim

While the PlayStation 5 still feels like it’s just getting started due to supply concerns and crossgen development, the device is now more than two years old. So, is it time to start considering a PS5 Pro? After all, the PS4 Pro was released barely three years after the original console.

According to a twitter thread from insider Tom Henderson, who has often had the facts on Sony gear, a PS5 Pro appears to be an improbable prospect.

While Henderson does not clearly say that a mid-gen PS5 update will not occur, he believes that he has heard more about the PlayStation 6 than any form of PS5 Pro.

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Henderson goes on to say that he believes Sony wants to minimize the number of PS5 versions to save production costs and complications.
In the past, releasing a “Pro” console made sense, but in this day and age of silicon and component shortages, it no no longer makes sense.

The PS5 will get a new model this year, according to Henderson. With the removable disc drive in this model, Sony will be able to focus on only one SKU as opposed to their two models with and without drives.

Henderson has now confirmed that Sony will introduce a new PS5 model this year. This model will include a removable disc drive, allowing Sony to focus on a single SKU rather than the current two models with and without drives.

Henderson claims that this new PS5 shouldn’t be compared to a PS5 Pro or even a PS5 slim. The main design and dimensions of the machine presumably won’t change much, however it might be lighter and have a detachable disc drive. For better or worse, it appears that the PS5 is maintaining its… distinctive appearance.

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