Reddit Reopens Subreddits Amid API Backlash, Moderator Pressure

Reddit is actively restoring numerous subreddits after informing moderators that the company intends to appoint new moderators to reestablish the subreddit unless the ongoing blackout is resolved.

A significant number of subreddits went offline following Reddit’s announcement of revised pricing for its API, which directly impacts third-party developers utilizing Reddit’s data to create tools and applications.

These pricing modifications rendered it financially unviable for popular third-party apps like Apollo to function, as the associated costs would amount to a staggering $10 million annually for accessing Reddit’s API. Furthermore, numerous volunteer moderators heavily rely on third-party tools to expedite and streamline their subreddit moderation duties, and the unavailability of such tools poses a substantial challenge.

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Reddit Reopens Subreddits Amid API Backlash, Moderator Pressure

Recent reports indicate that Reddit is exerting pressure on moderators of subreddits that continue to protest against the API changes. According to a Reddit employee who conversed with a subreddit moderator, Reddit’s stance is that the communities should reopen.

This information was shared by a moderator from r/DIY, who expressed concerns about the potential replacement of current moderators with individuals who may not possess the same level of dedication towards the subreddit, thereby risking its overall quality.

Similar sentiments have been expressed by moderators of various subreddits, asserting that keeping the communities closed is not a viable option. Despite community voting in favor of remaining closed, moderators from r/harrypotter conveyed that they understand the necessity to reopen. Likewise, administrators of r/homeimprovement explicitly stated that remaining closed is not permitted, and they sought confirmation from moderators regarding their willingness to participate in reopening the community. Presently, over 2,600 subreddits remain inactive.

Source: Tweaktown

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