Pornhub owner MindGeek acquired by Canadian private equity firm

Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), a Canadian private equity firm, has acquired MindGeek, the owner of adult entertainment websites like Redtube, Brazzers, and Pornhub.

With the help of ECP, MindGeek said it will continue its research into and adoption of the most latest and effective online safety protocols to make sure that its platforms “are inclusive, sex-positive spaces for adults” and that it maintains its position as a global leader in trust and safety.

“In MindGeek, we have identified a dynamic tech brand that is built upon a foundation of trust, safety and compliance, and with ECP’s resources and broad expertise spanning regulatory, law enforcement, public engagement and finance, we have a unique opportunity to strengthen what already exists,” said Fady Mansour, founding partner, ECP.

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According to ECP, everyone should be able to use the internet safely, with a focus on digital self-determination, intimate image security, and child protection.

“MindGeek must play a leading role in the fight against illegal content across the internet,” said the company.

The terms of the transaction were not publicly disclosed.

“We are excited for this next chapter of MindGeek. We look forward to working with the ECP team, and are confident that, with their support, we will continue to revolutionize safe, legal, sex-positive tech, and connect adult users around the globe with creators, content, advertising partners and technology they can trust,” said MindGeek.

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