Opera Launches Customized Chess Browsers for Desktop and Android

In a bold move to capture the hearts and minds of chess enthusiasts, Opera has unveiled new versions of its desktop and Android browsers, specially tailored to cater to the chess community’s needs. Developed in collaboration with Chess.com, these innovative browsers bring a plethora of chess-related features right at your fingertips.

The standout feature of these new browsers is the ability to play a game of chess directly in the sidebar. This means you can challenge friends, foes, or fellow enthusiasts to a match without ever leaving your browsing session. The convenience factor is further enhanced by the inclusion of chess puzzles and a treasure trove of chess-related content, such as articles, videos, and live-streamed matches. Whether you’re a novice looking to learn or a seasoned pro honing your skills, these browsers have something for everyone.

Opera’s blog post raves about the intuitive user interface, highlighting how it simplifies board settings adjustments, communication with opponents, and access to instructional materials—all without the hassle of opening additional tabs or navigating away from your current screen. They even allow you to pin the sidebar panel open, so you can continue reading, watching, or browsing while keeping an eye on your chess game as your opponent strategizes their next move.

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This innovative approach is a unique attempt to lure users away from more established browser options like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Opera has previously ventured into niche markets with the introduction of Opera GX, a browser tailored for gamers. While the Chess-themed Opera may overlap with this initiative to some extent, it adds an exciting twist to the browser’s versatility.

Both the desktop and Android versions of the Chess-themed Opera are available for download now. Whether you’re a chess enthusiast or just curious to explore this new dimension of web browsing, you can pick up your preferred incarnation of Opera, infused with the excitement of Chess.com. Embrace the world of online chess like never before, all within the confines of your web browser.

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