OpenAI Unveils New ChatGPT Features to Enhance User Experience

OpenAI recently announced a number of significant upgrades to its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, with the primary purpose of enhancing user interaction and overall experience. These updates will be rolled out gradually over the next week and will include a number of exciting features.

The use of prompt examples is one important addition. By providing useful ideas, this tool seeks to help users formulate their enquiries more efficiently. The new starting page, in contrast to the previous blank canvas, will give users instructions, allowing them to design their inputs more efficiently.

Another major feature is the addition of suggested responses. ChatGPT will now be able to suggest relevant continuations throughout conversations. This improvement allows users to participate more fully in discussions and explore different routes within their interactions.

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A substantial shift in the update is the adoption of GPT-4 as the default model, supplanting the prior GPT-3.5 version. As part of this change, Plus users will have GPT-4 automatically selected as their default option. Notably, the AI will also retain the memory of a user’s last chosen model, thus eliminating the need for manual switching.

Users will be able to upload several files with the upcoming update, enabling ChatGPT to simultaneously analyze and extract information from a variety of files. All Plus members will be able to access this functionality through the Code Interpreter beta.

Furthermore, users can anticipate an improvement in login duration, as the AI will now keep them logged in for extended periods, eliminating the requirement to log in every two weeks. This alteration is accompanied by the introduction of a more user-friendly login page, designed to elevate the overall user experience.

OpenAI has added a set of keyboard shortcuts to ChatGPT so as to speed up access to its capabilities. For example, the ‘Ctrl + Shift + C’ command makes it easier to copy code blocks, whereas ‘Ctrl + /’ displays a comprehensive list of possible shortcuts.

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In addition to these updates, OpenAI has revealed its ongoing work on GPT-5, a sophisticated language model. While formal launch confirmation is still waiting, speculation about GPT-5’s probable features has appeared. These claimed benefits include less hallucinations, a broader variety of multi-modal capabilities, improved memory retention, and a broader set of settings.

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