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Netflix announces new Premium plan features ‘Spatial Audio’ for users

Netflix, has revealed new features that will be available to subscribers who are already on the Premium plan, decide to upgrade, or are signing up for the first time, at no additional cost.

Two new features were released by the company: spatial audio and more download devices.

When using a phone, tablet, or TV at home or on the road, Netflix Premium subscribers will be able to experience the finest quality sound possible thanks to Spatial Audio.

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“Spatial audio brings an immersive, cinematic sound experience on any device with no additional equipment required — and now it’s available on more than 700 of our top watched titles, including ‘Stranger Things’, ‘The Watcher’, ‘Wednesday’, and ‘Knives Out: Glass Onion,'” Netflix said.

The company also noted that Netflix subscribers enjoy having access to the option of downloading series and movies to view them offline on a variety of devices, especially while they are traveling and switching between devices.

Meanwhile, the streaming service revealed its guidelines and exemptions to explain how it intends to keep account sharing inside a family.

The company has revised its FAQ sites for Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, where it is already experimenting additional membership costs for account sharing.

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The company hopes to decrease account sharing this year by charging extra costs for longer usage of the streaming service outside the family.

News Source: Roundnews24

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