Microsoft unveils Windows 11 widgets for monitoring your CPU, GPU, RAM, and other components

Microsoft introduced a new widgets method that provides real-time information on a PC and may be activated by installing an app from the Microsoft Store.

The widgets are a component of the new Dev Home software that Microsoft unveiled at the most recent Build 2023 conference.

It features a configurable dashboard with a number of widgets, including ones that indicate CPU, GPU, RAM, and network utilization. It is designed for developers to keep track of all their workflows and coding jobs and link to dev accounts.

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A preview version of the Dev Build is currently available for download through the Microsoft Store. Press the Windows key and W to launch Windows Widgets after installing the software and explore the list of new widgets that may be added to the board.

You may alternatively click ‘Dashboard’ in the app’s upper left corner, then ‘+Add widget’. You may pin the widgets you wish to the dashboard from here.

Some of the widgets do tasks other than displaying data. You can end programs that may be consuming a lot of system resources using the CPU section. The network widget allows you to choose between networks while displaying ethernet and Wi-Fi connections. If you have more than one GPU, the widget may display each one.

The Dev Home app and its widgets are currently in preview, so expect some issues and malfunctions – freezing appears to be a usual problem. However, it appears to operate properly after the initial configuration.

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Aside from third-party programs, there are several additional ways to view system information, including the Game Bar and Windows Task Manager. However, seeing them fast with the Windows Widgets shortcut is quick and straightforward, and it’s good to have something other than news feeds on the board, though Microsoft has assured users will be able to disable widgets later this year.

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