Microsoft Phases Out UWP Mail and Calendar Apps

The era of the traditional Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Mail and Calendar apps is coming to an end with Windows 11. The company stated in a recent support page update that beginning in 2024, all new Windows 11 devices would come preinstalled with the new web-based Outlook for Windows as the default mailbox experience, replacing the obsolete apps.

The new Outlook has been undergoing rigorous testing, and it has already taken the place of the classic applications in the Windows 11 beta versions, the company is now alerting users who may still be using the old Mail and Calendar applications.

According to the support website, while the Mail and Calendar applications will still be available, they will only be available as a download from the Microsoft Store until the end of 2024. Outlook will be the default application on new Windows 11 PCs.

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Microsoft has made the switch to the new Outlook easy for users of the Mail and Calendar apps currently in use. Users can switch to the new Outlook by using a toggle within the application, and then just follow the on-screen directions to finish the procedure for free. Users can quickly go back to the prior experience by turning the slider off if the new one doesn’t satisfy their demands.

The new Outlook for Windows offers a substantially better user experience than the UWP Mail and Calendar apps. There is no subscription fee and the app is free to use. It includes AI features that will improve your writing. Additionally, Outlook for Windows supports a number of account types, including Gmail, Yahoo, and others.

The new app has a heavy focus on security as well, giving users assurance. Users may also quickly find important files and run searches across all of their Microsoft 365 apps thanks to a universal search feature. Another major benefit of the new Outlook for Windows is the integration of calendar and mail features into a single program. To check appointments, birthdays, and other important events, users won’t have to switch between two different apps.

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