Microsoft leaks Sony’s PS5 handheld plans: Game-changer incoming

Axios Gaming reports that Microsoft shared details regarding Sony’s future PS5 handheld system. Microsoft criticized the US Federal Trade Commission for ignoring Xbox and Nintendo Switch compatibility, according to a report that was released. In addition, Sony intends to release the PS5 portable later this year for less than $300.

The stunning 8-inch Project Q handheld prototype from Sony supports streaming PS5 games in 1080p at 60 frames per second. Users will get an on-the-go gaming experience similar to the PS5, complete with Wi-Fi connectivity and a design that resembles the DualSense controller.

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The latest alliance between Sony and Qualcomm presents opportunities for customized CPUs and might include portable gaming devices. This partnership enables both businesses to broaden their product lines and satisfy the rising demand for specialized gaming hardware.

Microsoft leaks Sony's PS5 handheld plans: Game-changer incoming

The leakinformation offers light on Microsoft’s outlook on portable gaming and their expectation of Sony’s PS5 handheld’s release. Gamers are looking forward to the device’s formal release since it promises to breathe new life into the gaming industry.

Recall that the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s previous portable gaming system, received unfavorable reviews upon release in 2012. As opposed to creating a brand-new handheld system, Sony concentrated on providing portable experiences using Remote Play, which enables customers to stream games from more powerful consoles to smaller devices. By releasing a gadget that resembles a split DualSense controller with a tablet screen in the middle, Project Q by Sony elevates Remote Play to a new level. The release date for Project Q was revealed by Jim Ryan, the CEO of PlayStation, on May 24 during a virtual event.

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