MediaTek unveils Genio 700 processor for industrial, smart home products

MediaTek unveils Genio 700 processor for industrial, smart home products

MediaTek released its latest chipset, the octa-core Genio 700, on Tuesday for smart home, smart retail, and industrial IoT solutions.

The company said the chipset will be commercially available in Q2 2023 and enable FHD60+4K60 display and an ISP for improved images.

“With a focus on industrial and smart home products, the Genio 700 is a perfect natural addition to the lineup to ensure we can provide the widest range of support possible to our customers,” said MediaTek IoT Business Unit Vice President Richard Lu.

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The MediaTek Genio 700 is a 6nm Internet of Things (IoT) chipset that has been designed with an emphasis on power economy. It possesses two ARM A78 cores that can each run at 2.2GHz.

In addition, the chipset makes it possible for designers to personalize products by employing operating systems such as Yocto Linux, Ubuntu, and Android.

According to the business, this support makes it possible for consumers to simply construct their own products with a minimum amount of effort, regardless of the type of application they are working on.

It also has the capability of supporting high-speed interfaces and twin displays as extra capabilities.

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At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023, MediaTek will be conducting a demonstration at their exhibit that will feature their newest chipset.

Source: Roundnews24

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