randonlyNewsLinkedIn adds new ways to confirm identity and work

LinkedIn adds new ways to confirm identity and work

LinkedIn has launched additional options to verify your identity and where you work as part of the verification process, which will be free for all members.

“Starting today, we’re rolling out three additional ways to verify your identity and where you work. We believe verification should be for everyone on LinkedIn, that’s why every feature will be available and free to all our members,” LinkedIn said in a blogpost.

LinkedIn is collaborating with CLEAR, a secure identification platform, to facilitate member verification in the United States.

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Beginning this month, users will be able to declare on their profile that they have confirmed their identity with CLEAR, and all they need is a US government-issued ID and phone number to do so.

Another way includes verifying “where you work with your company email”.

Users may now use their company-issued email addresses to authenticate where they work.

According to the company, LinkedIn has around 50 million members worldwide and over 4,000 organizations, and this is another another option to establish the validity of your profile.

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The business stated that it will broaden eligibility and roll out this tool to other companies.

Furthermore, LinkedIn members may confirm where they work with Microsoft Entra.

The company is collaborating with Microsoft to let organizations to use the Microsoft Entra Verified ID platform to issue free digital workplace IDs, allowing employees to show the verification on their LinkedIn accounts.

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The feature will be live at the end of April, and the firm intends to make it available to dozens of collaborating businesses, reaching over two million LinkedIn members.

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