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Jack Dorsey debuts Twitter competitor Bluesky to Android after losing Twitter blue tick

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, has now introduced his new microblogging network and Twitter rival, Bluesky, to Android users after losing Blue Check-mark at the hands of new CEO Elon Musk.

Bluesky, which is funded by Dorsey, offers a slew of new features and was first made available to iOS users in a limited test in February.

Bluesky seeks to provide users with algorithmic choice by including basic tools for tracking likes or bookmarks, editing tweets, quote-tweeting, DMs, hashtag use, and more.

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TechCrunch claims that Bluesky has 240,000 lifetime installations on iOS, up 39% from March, as reported by app intelligence company data.ai.

The app has an easy-to-use interface where you may click a + button to add 256 characters to a message, which may also contain photos.

While Twitter asks “What’s happening?”, Bluesky asks “What’s up?”

Bluesky users can share, mute, and ban accounts, but there are currently no advanced options available to do things like add them to lists.

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With more “who to follow” recommendations and a feed of newly released Bluesky updates, the explore option in the bottom center of the app’s navigation is helpful.

You can keep track of your notifications, which include likes, reposts, followers, and responses (much like Twitter), in another tab. There are not any DMs.

Similar to Twitter, you can find and follow people. You can then watch their updates on a Home timeline.

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A profile image, backdrop, bio, and analytics are all included in user profiles.

The Bluesky project began with Twitter in 2019, but the business was founded in 2022 as an independent company specializing on decentralized social network R&D.

Dorsey highlighted Bluesky after he left Twitter, calling it “an open decentralized standard for social media.”

With Dorsey on its board, Bluesky earned $13 million in fundraising last year.

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