Intel’s CFO says there is a possibility to benefit from AI

David Zinsner, the CFO of Intel, said that the company is hopeful about its revenue this quarter and believes it has the chance to benefit from the generative AI surge.

Zinsner, who took part in the seminar, allegedly refuted the notion that the demand for GPUs by generative AI will have an influence on Intel’s CPU business by stating that the company fared well this quarter.

In response to analyst inquiries, Zissner pointed out that while GPUs are now the most concentrated, Intel still has numerous ways to profit from the AI boom, such as in PCs and edge computing, where many jobs still require CPUs to handle.

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Furthermore, the CFO disclosed that Intel’s sales for the third quarter is likely to be between US$12 billion and US$12.5 billion, which is in line with the company’s April prediction of US$11.5 billion to US$12.5 billion. Situation is upbeat.

During the meeting, Zissner also stated that the Intel IFS department in charge of the foundry will offer foundry services to clients who are building AI products. According to Zinsner, this is one of the ways Intel is riding the AI trend.

Source: ithome

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