randonlyMetaInstagram parent company Reportedly Working on Twitter-Like App

Instagram parent company Reportedly Working on Twitter-Like App

Meta's P92 (Barcelona): Meta's Groundbreaking Step Towards Decentralized Apps

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is planning to compete with Elon Musk’s Twitter with a similar micro-blogging text platform dubbed P92 or Barcelona – referred to as “Twitter clone.”

With the drive toward decentralization, this much-anticipated app aspires to alter the way we interact with tech by providing users unparalleled control over their data and online experiences. The expectation of P92 (Barcelona) provides an early insight into the future of decentralized apps for marketers all around the world.

Lia Haberman, a digital marketing expert, revealed that the new platform doesn’t yet have an official name; internally, it is known as “P92” or “Barcelona,” but it is being created in accordance with Instagram’s standards and branding.

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The app description reads, “Say more with Instagram’s new text-based app for conversations. Talk directly with your audience and peers. Create with text and attach links, photos, and videos. Engage with likes and replies to deepen connections with friends, fans, and other creators. Bring your fans with you.

The app is completely separate from Instagram, though users will be able to log in with their Instagram credentials. This means that users of the new app will be able to transfer their existing Instagram followers to the new platform, as well as their Instagram handle, bio, and verification.

The layout is quite similar to Instagram’s, but instead of a feed of photos and videos, the app’s home page displays a chronology of text-based postings. Similar to Twitter, users will be able to attach images, videos, and links to these messages. On the platform, other users can respond and start topics.

Additionally, they will be able to post text messages of up to 500 characters with attached links, photos, and videos of up to five minutes in length.

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Some moderation tools will be available right away when the app is released, such as settings that limit who can mention and reply to a user’s account. Notably, any accounts blocked on Instagram will also be blocked on the new app, any hidden words chosen on Instagram will also transfer to the new platform, and the same Instagram community norms will apply.

As per Meta, designers will have no trouble attracting their audience to the new app. With only a tap, users will be able to follow accounts they already follow on Instagram.

Instagram’s new atext-based app’ could let you create Twitter-like posts on a timeline.

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