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How To  Restore Permanently Deleted Files Back To The System – A Step By Step Guide

What do you think happens to your deleted files? A file or folder you remove from your computer, Android, or iOS device doesn’t just vanish into thin air. Even if you promptly empty the Trash or Recycle Bin, nothing is changed with your deletion other than to label the disk space the file occupies as empty. Therefore, if you know how, you can restore your permanently erased files.

There are many ways to restore permanently deleted files back to your computer. I will now outline them, one after the other.

How to permanently restore deleted files in your computer.

Follow these easy steps for a quick result.

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Restoring permanently deleted files using Previous Versions

Applying the Previous Versions option is one of the best methods for recovering permanently destroyed files. Here are the steps to take. Step 1: Navigate to the folder where the files were deleted. To restore previous versions, execute a right-click on it and select the option.


Step 2: Click the “Restore”  button. You can also just drag the selected version and drop it where you intend to save it.


Remember to always save the restored file to an external storage drive. If not, you can overwrite the files.

Using software to recover permanently deleted files from a computer

The majority of data recovery techniques, necessitate having a backup to restore your files. Utilizing a data recovery application is one of your options if you don’t have any backups. There are numerous such programs available; you can pick the one that appeals to you the most.

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One such app, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, has been available on the market for a while. . So let’s say you’re using EaseUs, this is how to restore your permanently deleted files.

Step 1: Pick a location and launch the search


Open EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, then choose the partition or drive containing the deleted files. To look for lost files, click “Scan.”

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Step 2: Choose the files you want to restore


After the scanning is complete, choose the deleted files you want to restore. You can select the filter to only see the file formats you want to see. The quickest way to find the desired file is to use the “Search files or folders” box if you can recall the file name.

Step 3: Examine and restore deleted files


Check out the recoverable files. Select the files you want to recover, and then click “Recover” to move them from the drive where the data was lost to a new storage location.


Deleting files from a computer is a frequent and essential task. Almost all computer users have removed files or folders from their computers at some point. It is unquestionably a practical approach to help you free up extra space for fresh info. It is also viewed as a simple way to maintain privacy as well. I have outlined the different ways you can restore permanently deleted files back to your system. So do not fill worried again.

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