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How to Get Someone’s IP on Discord in 5 Different Ways

Discord is a platform that gamers and developers favor above all others. And during the past few years, it has gained even more users; well, the key reason for this is Discord’s ability to provide an individual’s IP address.

However, many people continue to seek information on how to locate an IP address on Discord. Consequently, if you are also one of them, you have come to the proper place. Here, I have compiled a list of procedures you can take to quickly find someone’s IP address.

  1. Use the Discord IP Grabber.

The discord IP grabber is one of the most often used techniques. To use the IP grabber, you must, however, already be a member of a discord community.

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Step 1: Open the developers site for Discord.


Step 2: You must log in using your credentials if you haven’t already. You can select “forgot your password” if you can’t remember your password.


Step 3: The “New Application” button is located in the upper right corner. To rename the new program, click it and provide your preferred name.

Step 4: Select “OAuth2” from the left menu bar.

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Step 5: When finished, click the “add redirects” button under the Redirects heading on the right side of the screen. You will have to provide a URL.


Step 6: The client’s ID and secret are located on the bottom right side of the page. Paste the information into the PHP file after copying it. Be sure to enter all the necessary information before leaving the page.

Step 7: Create a new file in the same directory and give it the name logs.txt. I’m done now. However, exercise caution when carrying out all of the duties.

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  1. Discord IP Resolver

You may also obtain someone’s IP address through Discord using this technique. A discord resolver is a program that searches for, decrypts, and retrieves the IP addresses of other users.

Then, it transmits spoof packets that have been altered by AI algorithms to correspond to the target user’s geolocation. After that, the target replies with an encrypted packet that is utilized to retrieve data.

Step 1: Download the Discord app, then click the Settings button in the upper-left corner of the app.

Step 2: Click on appearance on the following page, then turn on developer mode.


Step 3: Go to the Discord panel, locate your target user, right-click on their profile, and then select “copy ID” from the drop-down menu.


Step 4: Open the IP resolver and paste the user ID there after copying it.


Step 5: The Discord Resolver app will provide you with pertinent information about the other person.

Only those who are online can be found by their IP address, which is the only restriction. You won’t receive important information if they are not online.

  1. Use A Short Link

One of the most popular ways to discover someone’s IP address is using this. To check, use an IP logger, or the Grabify IP logger. It is easy to understand, uncomplicated, and precise.

Find a decent website URL, Google doc, online image, or other online resource in the first step. When your target user clicks your changed link, they will be sent to this website.

Step 2: Visit the website for Grabify, an IP logger and URL shortener.


Step 3: Paste the link into the search field and press “Create URL.” If you accept the terms, you will be taken to a different page with further information.


Step 4: Copy the “New URL” and message the recipient in the Discord chat. By looking at the results listed below after they click the link, you may determine their IP address. The tracking code can also be copied for future use.


Step 5: You can select “change domain/make a custom link” if the link appears to be too evident.

Step 6: After obtaining the IP address, you may check the precise region the individual is from using the whatismyipaddress website.

Step 7: From the menu bar, select IP lookup. After that, enter the IP address into the search box.

  1. Employ the Command Prompt

One of the best ways to obtain someone’s IP address is using a command prompt. Many times, it comes pre-installed on every Windows device. You can enter a command in it after running it. Codes will be executed by it, revealing the IP address.

Step 1: To improve accuracy, shut off any other software operating on your computer besides your browser.

Step 2: Launch the relevant Discord server and sign in with your account.
For this technique to function, the user must be online. To avoid raising suspicion, start a conversation with the person.

Step 3: Press the Windows key and R together. Enter CMD in the run dialog box.


Step 4: Type “netstat-an” into the command prompt dialog box and hit Enter. You’ll notice a big list of codes. Check the validated “established” IP addresses at the bottom of the code, though. You can use the list to find your target IP address.


Step 5: In order to determine the precise location, copy the IP address and utilize whatismyipaddress.

  1. Use Wireshark

Using Wireshark as a protocol analyzer is possible. You can use it to view activity on your network. The excellent program Wireshark has a ton of helpful capabilities that you can use to track anything.

It can be used to download Discord packages. You may access information about some users through that, including their IP address and gadgets.

Step 1: Installing Wireshark. Select the appropriate version of the program, download it, and then install it. Follow the steps through to completion.


Step 2: Investigate the tracking features.


Step 3: Shut down every other application or program for accurate results.
Once finished, sign into your discord account and begin a conversation with your target user. Open the Wireshark program first, then the Discord app.

Step 4: In the window of Wireshark, enter “discord.” You will be able to see every process taking place in the discord. Try searching for “discord” in each of the different protocols.


Step 5: Examine the various packages until you find the right one for the intended user. You will find out the answers, however it might take some time.

Step 6: Once you have the IP address, you may check their specific location using the whatismyipaddress website.

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