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Here Are The Fixes For “Gmail Spam Filter Not Working” in 2023

Every Gmail user is subjected to spam mails. However, receiving too many of these emails renders your email exposed to hostile hacking efforts.
Fortunately, Gmail users have a lot of options when it comes to dealing with spam emails. It’s because of Gmail’s incredibly efficient spam filter, which scans the sender’s email address to determine if it’s been blacklisted before. In addition, the filter can detect suspicious words and phrases. As a result, if your Gmail spam filter isn’t working, you’ll receive a lot of unsolicited emails in your inbox. This issue arises because you have a compromised Gmail account or your email is not being synced.

Gmail Spam Filter Not Working Troubleshooting

If you do not want a significant amount of spam emails, you must address the issues listed above.
The following are the essential steps you must take.

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  1. Check if your Gmail account has been compromised.

Gmail is a very safe email service. However, hacking efforts are not uncommon. Follow these steps to see if your Gmail account has been compromised. It’s most likely the reason you’re having trouble with the spam filter.

Continue reading to find out how to deal with this problem.

Do you notice any unusual changes, such as your email being sent to another person or certain email addresses being blocked?

Do your pals report receiving odd messages from you?

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Did you notice that your emails had been moved from your inbox to the trash?

Did you discover a large number of emails in your sent folder that you did not send?

Are you unable to access your Gmail account using your password?
All of these are red flags that your Gmail account has been hacked.
This is why you’ve noticed your Gmail spam filter isn’t working.

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You can now use the technique described in the following section.

  1. Change your password and check to see if your filter is inactive.

If you believe your Gmail account has been compromised, you must change your Gmail password.
After updating the password, you must verify that the filter you created is still operational.
Take note of the following points.

Sign in to your Google account to change your password.

Select ‘Sign in to Google.’
It is listed below ‘Security.’

Now, choose ‘Password.’

Enter a new password and select ‘Change Password.’

Tap the cog icon again and select ‘See all settings.’

Select ‘Filters and Blocked addresses’ on the next screen.

Select ‘Create a new filter.’

Instead of spam, enter the sender’s email address that you see in your Gmail inbox.

Click ‘Create filter.’

If you don’t see the filter working, it indicates the problem has been resolved.

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  1. Verify that the Skip the Inbox filter is working properly.

When Gmail does not sync, the spam folder cannot function properly.
You can check whether the Skip the Inbox filter is properly working to determine if Gmail is syncing or not.

Sign in to Gmail and select the ‘Settings’ tab.

Then, select ‘See all Settings.’

Go to the bottom of the ‘Inbox’ tab.

Do you notice the ‘Override Filters’ button turned on? If you answer yes, it will send you emails based on the filters you’ve set up.

Select ‘Do not override filters.
Finally, click ‘Save Changes’ to confirm your settings.

  1. Inspect Your Gmail for a Broad Incoming Message Filter

Constantly finding spam filter not working Gmail indicates an issue with a filter you’ve created. It’s very important to be cautious with your searches when setting up filters. If you’ve created a filter for a mail to be marked as important, but your filter is broad enough to capture some spam, you will get spam in your inbox. It will not land in the Junk folder.

It’s critical to modify your filters in order to address this issue. Select “Restricted Senders” from the menu. Additionally, you can remove the common words from the “Has the word” part. It’s wise to only use original keywords. For the spam email that gets past the primary filter, you can add filters.

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  1. Block Spam Email Addresses

It is a very straightforward way to tackle this issue. Although it’s a manual method, if there are specific email addresses from which you get spam regularly, you can block them.

You only need to open the spam emails, hit the three dots, and choose “Block.” It will assist you in removing spam emails sent from a few certain emails.

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