Grammarly is set to release an AI-powered writing tool

Grammarly, a grammar checking service, announced that it will launch GrammarlyGO, an AI writing tool that will be incorporated directly into their product.

Grammarly’s global head of product, Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, has revealed that the service would be built on the GPT-3 large language model, placing it somewhat behind Chat-GPT, which employs GPT 3.5.

According to Roy-Chowdhury, the tool will assist users rewrite content for tone, clarity, and length, compose new text, and brainstorm ideas.

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The new feature will be introduced by Grammarly in April and made accessible to all customers, even those who use the service for free. Users of Grammarly for Education will have the option to disable it, although it will be activated by default.

The public debut of ChatGPT was scheduled by OpenAI for late November 2022. Within two months, the product had amassed more than 100 million users.

Yet, when students were able to create assignments, the unexpected popularity and effectiveness of AI sent shockwaves across academia. As a result, many schools blocked access to ChatGPT on their networks, raising numerous issues about how schools should handle AI.

This Grammarly move is likely a significant alarm for those already concerned about the effects of AI writing on academics, since it carries the potential of legitimizing plagiarism in the classroom.

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News Source: Plagiarismtoday

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