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Google releases the first beta of Android 14 with new features and enhanced customization

Google released the first public beta of Android 14 available to developers and early adopters, with new features focusing on system navigation, privacy, speed, and user customization.

The gesture navigation tool has been updated with a Material You-themed back arrow that adapts to match the device’s theme or wallpaper.

One of the key updates in Android 14 is the gesture navigation feature, which has been improved to include a Material You-themed back arrow that adjusts to match the device’s theme or wallpaper.

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This updated back arrow not only looks more aesthetically pleasing but also helps users understand Android 14’s predictive back gesture experience by previewing the screen users are navigating to within applications.

Android 14 also has a new system share sheet, which allows developers to add unique app-specific actions to the share menu’s top. This delivers a better experience than the standard Android share sheets, which always order share targets alphabetically.

The new share sheet considers additional app cues when determining where the direct share targets at the top of the page should rank. This resolves a few issues that app developers previously encountered, such as a lack of aesthetic consistency when creating their own share sheets and the limitation of only adding two share targets to show higher in the share list.

The Android 14 beta 1 first release contains more graphical elements including morphing effects and enhanced language options that automatically adapt programs to suit to language choices on a single app basis.

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Google is boosting privacy even further in Android 14 by allowing apps to limit their visibility of sensitive information to accessibility services that promise assistance for disabled users. Google Play Protect will validate these statements to guarantee that your privacy is protected. These new privacy safeguards are particularly beneficial in avoiding more susceptible users from inadvertently sending money or checking out in a shopping app.

Those interested in testing out Android 14 before its official release may find thorough instructions and information on downloading the beta version on the Android 14 developer site. Those who are already enrolled in the Android QPR beta program will immediately receive the first Android 14 beta.

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