randonlyNewsGoogle is developing an API for Bluetooth distance measurements

Google is developing an API for Bluetooth distance measurements

Google is allegedly developing a new application programming interface (API) called ‘Bluetooth Distance Measurement,’ which would allow users to gauge the distance between their smartphone and connected gadgets.

The company has already begun to upload code for this feature to the Android open source project (AOSP), as per AndroidPolice.

It will not, however, give exact distance readings, but it will most likely be able to warn consumers when their phone is more than one meter away from linked Bluetooth devices.

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The new API is supposed to monitor the distance between users’ smartphones and connected devices using Bluetooth Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI).

The full debut of the API may not be available to users until Android 14 at the earliest, said the report.

The tech giant has previously stated that it will be adding new features to devices that haven’t seen an operating system upgrade in years.

In order to enable developers to exploit features like the new picture picker in select Android 11 and 12 versions of the operating system, the company release a program called the “Extension Software Developer Kit” (Extensive SDK).

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