Google Introduces a Two-Year Inactivity Rule for Accounts: What Users Should Know

Google has sent emails to all of its users informing them of the update to the inactive time rule for Google Accounts. All Google products and services will now have an inactivity threshold of two years.

The change is now being carried out, and it will be applicable to any Google Account that has been dormant for the past two years, that is, it has not been accessed or used in any way.

The tech giant claims that effective on December 1, 2023, inactive accounts and all associated content will be subject to deletion.

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It’s important to note that these changes won’t affect users unless their Google Account has gone more than two years without activity or if they haven’t accessed any Google services with their account during that time.

Google said that while these changes are already in force, the earliest that any accounts might be deleted would be in December 2023.

When an account is marked as inactive, Google will send repeated reminder emails to both the account owner and their specified recovery email addresses (if such information was provided). These alerts will be sent at least eight months before any action is taken or account content is deleted.

“Once an account is deleted, the Gmail address associated with the deleted account cannot be reused during the creation of a new Google Account,” the company said.

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The simplest way to assure the continuity of a Google Account is to log in at least once every two years.

Users who have logged into their Google Accounts within the last two years should not be concerned, since their accounts are considered active and will not be deleted, according to Google.

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