Google introduced a new Chrome sidebar with additional customization options

Google announced a new Chrome sidebar that will allow users to alter the appearance and feel of their browser. The new sidebar features a number of customization options, such as the ability to modify the background picture, theme, and colors. Open a new tab in Chrome and click the “Customize Chrome” icon in the bottom right corner to access the new sidebar.

“You can test out different colors, themes and settings in real time by opening a new tab in Chrome and clicking the “Customize Chrome” icon in the bottom right corner. A new side panel will open with the available customization features.

“Here, you can experiment with different features and easily see how they will show up on your New Tab page as you make changes. And don’t worry about saving your work — our new side panel remembers your customization edits as you go,” Google’s blog post reads.

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In terms of browser backgrounds and themes, Google says that there are hundreds of photos to pick from in the Chrome sidebar. There are also other categories, such as “Landscapes” and “Seascapes.”

Along with this, there are selected theme collections from various artists, as well as works by Asian and Pacific Islander, LGBTQ+, Latino, Black, and Native American artists. If users don’t want to browse through all those collections, they can simply automate the theme changes via the “Refresh daily” toggle in the sidebar.

You can also change the colors in Chrome using the settings in the new sidebar.

“Start by picking a theme and watch your browser adjust its color to match it. If the color isn’t your style, you can always pick a different one on the overview page to get it just right,” Google added.

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The new Chrome sidebar is an excellent way to personalize the appearance and feel of your browser. You may design a Chrome that represents your unique style by selecting from a range of settings.

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