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Google Contacts rolling out birthday notifications to Android users

Google Contacts, the default contact management tool for Android handsets, is now providing users with birthday notifications. This much-anticipated feature seeks to ease the process of managing and adding birthdays to contacts.

This feature seemed to have been activated with Contacts version 4.7.26.x, however it might not be available to all users at this time, despite having the latest version of the app, just a handful of users appear to be able to see the new updates.

The introduction of birthday reminders in Google Contacts was first hinted at in March, with the launch of the Highlights page in the For You section.

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Later, users were given the option to include birthday alerts for certain contacts. A new “Add birthdays” card was recently added in the For You section.

When users open the “Add birthdays” card, they are greeted with a list view of their contacts, with a cake icon representing those who have not yet entered a birthday. Individual contacts can also receive birthday notifications by activating the excess menu in the top right corner.

Meanwhile, it appears that only the new Add birthdays card in Highlights may be used to get the list view of contacts’ birthdays. It is unclear how you would get there if you dismiss the card, which may pose an inconvenience for some.

Material You home screen widgets with a focus on the people closest to you were recently added to Google Contacts. Additionally, Chats now includes contact photos in addition to having a significantly improved tablet app experience. Furthermore, a birthday reminder feature similar to that seen in Google Contacts is anticipated for Google Calendar.

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Source: 9to5google

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