Google Chrome Updated its AI to Summarize Articles, Available on IOS

Google has unveiled its latest Updated in generative AI technology, aimed at enhancing the user experience within its search platform. The objective behind this update is to empower users in comprehending and effectively utilizing information obtained from the vast realm of the internet.

The Google Search app for Chrome has introduced a beta feature that enables the summarization of lengthy articles. Through this innovation, Chrome can extract the “key points” from a webpage, presenting them alongside an “Explore on page” section. This section includes a set of questions and corresponding answers drawn from the content of the article.

The newly introduced feature, termed “SGE while browsing,” has been designed with the intention of enabling individuals to engage more profoundly with extensive content crafted by creators. It operates by highlighting pivotal aspects of freely accessible online articles, refraining from summarizing content that resides behind paywalls.

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Currently, this advanced AI functionality is accessible on Chrome across both iOS and Android devices. Google’s future plans involve extending this capability to desktop platforms “in the days ahead.”

Google plans to improve AI-generated replies in the future. By just hovering over the relevant terms, users will be able to quickly preview definitions of specific words and access associated diagrams or visuals on the subject. Users will soon be able to take advantage of a deeper and more immersive learning experience thanks to this features.

Source: Macrumors

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