Google Chrome is getting a feature to convert images to text

Google is improving Chrome to make it easier for user, with the launch of a new feature that allows users to transform images to text inside the browser in the upcoming months.

This feature improves upon the current Reading Mode offered by ChromeOS and Chromebooks and is powered by PDF optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Google intends to bring image-to-text capability and Reading Mode to Chrome across all platforms.

With this feature, Chrome’s screen reader will translate the text inside the image and read it aloud when a PDF file doesn’t have alt text. Although the precise release date is uncertain, Google published a screenshot of the feature, indicating users may access it via a navigation menu item labeled “Convert image to text.”

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This announcement was made during ISTE, an educational technology trade show. Google also discussed other product improvements, such as the Google for Education App platform, a centralized platform for apps that interface with Google for Education products. Google also worked with Adobe to make Adobe Express available on more Chromebooks in classrooms, providing free licenses.

Google also announced numerous other developments at ISTE, including a Read Along integration within Google Classroom to help with reading tasks. They also added tile pairing to Google Meet, allowing two people to join on a call. Furthermore, AI-generated suggested questions will be accompanied by YouTube videos in Classroom lectures, and students can now exchange links to class templates within Google Classroom.

Google introduced a number of additional innovations at ISTE, including a Read Along integration for Google Classroom to simplify reading assignments. Additionally, they made it possible for two participants to connect on a call by introducing tile pairing in Google Meet. Additionally, Google Classroom now allows students to exchange links to class templates, and lessons featuring YouTube videos will be accompanied by AI-generated recommended questions.

Enhanced Chromebook data controls will assist IT admins by making tasks like copying and pasting, screen capturing, screen sharing, and printing easier. Google will also release new privacy toggles that will give teachers using Chromebooks in classrooms more control over the use of the camera and microphone.

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Source: XDA

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